*We are in the process of getting you more trail info. The  Taos Land Trust and Carl Colonious of the Taos Trails Collocation have been working hard to put together detailed maps and GPS info of the area. They expect to have their project completed by the next riding season.

South Boundary Trail – This is the one you’ve heard about. Over twenty miles of luscious single track. The trail can be done in a variety of ways ranging from an end to end, or tourist version; to an all day ride including any number of adjoining trails. This is our marquee trail and not to be missed.

Rift Valley Trail, West Rim Trail, and Horse Thief Trail – These are all along the beautiful Rio Grande Gorge. These trails range from beginner to advanced intermediate. They include some old jeep road and single track with scenic views all along the gorge. These are most popular in the late fall and early spring seasons.

Devisadero Loop and Talpa Traverse Trails – Local gems just minutes from the center of town. Devisadero offers all anyone could want in a hard hour of technical mountain biking. While the Talpa Traverse is famous for its early season skills building.

Northside at Taos Ski Valley – This pay to use area is a legend in the making. Although known for its steep terrain, it’s also some of the most scenic riding in all of Taos County. Trails are being put down yearly, so intermediate as well as expert level riders can enjoy the experience. The saying “ What goes up must come down” has never applied more than here. For more information go to

Woodpile Trail – One of the hardest trails to find in some of the most beautiful forest around. Hard climbing followed by insanely fast descending. You’ll never have more fun being lost. What more could you ask?

Cerro Vista – This is El Rey, the King of mountain bike rides. Even the shortest version of this monster is around 40 miles; with a 65 mile loop that includes the Woodpile Trail; and an 80 mile loop with the South Boundary Trail as a cool down. Riders start at 7,000 feet and climb to 11,900 feet along rough abandoned forest road. This one is for the strongest endurance junkies only.

~ Content provided by Taos Cyclery